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Blue + Green bottle fly pupae mix



Aprox 50 pupae.

Flies are probably most favorite meal for jumping spiders and they are easy to keep as pupae.

When you received your pupae:

  1. place few in spider enclosure – it is best to use small plastic cup as sort of a dish).
  2. Spider will either eat pupae (like a burrito) or will catch fly once it hatched.
  3. Keep rest of pupae in the fridge to prolong their life and delay hatching.
  4. If flies hatched in the fridge you can offer them sugar water and after they all ate – return them to the fridge for couple more weeks if required, just take them out every few days for feeding.

House flies are best for L5-7 spiders

Green bottle flies will be good for L6 to adult spiders

Blues bottle flies are best food for L8 to adult spiders

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