Phidippus regius (Sierra de Baoruco) L5 unsexed


Spiders are L5+ and feeding on D.hydei fruit flies.

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If you are new to keeping Jumping spiders – check this out – http://spoodernest.com/how-to-care-for-your-first-jumping-spider/

I can’t ship live spiders to anywhere outside UK.

Phidippus regius are the most commonly kept jumping spiders in hobby and for a good reason as they are one of the biggest jumping spiders and are easy to keep. Please check care info in care sheet part of this website!

All spiders on offer are captive-bred spiders and are size of fruit fly (*at least L5 stage)

* You will receive a starter setup (Plastic cup) to ensure every spider gets best start in life with you. However you will need to upgrade to a larger setup in couple of months (see Spoodernest enclosures, this enclosure are designed and made by me here in UK)

Phidippus regius (Everglades) are generally smaller size locale and will be comfortable in “Nest” enclosure, but will appreciate larger enclosure too when mature 😉

Weight 100 g
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