Phidippus regius (various locales)


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If you are new to keeping Jumping spiders – check this out –

***During cold season live spider orders will be shipped once it is safe to do so! We need overnight temperature to be over 4°C for spider safety***

UK shipping only! All spiders are at least L5 and feeding on D.hydei fruit flies, most sexed will be taking house flies or green bottle flies.

Spiders will be shipped with starter enclosure (Plastic cup) that will be best to use for 1-2 spider moults when spider will be ready to be rehoused in larger enclosure. For sexed spiders, no more than 1 more moult is recommended.

Phidippus regius (Florida) locale are typically larger than most locales. Female coloration can be orange, brown, pale, grey, peach, speckled and anything in between. They change colours while growing keeping you on your toes as you never know what to expect next 😁. This is hands down the most fun locale to have due to huge variation in colours and large size. Males are black and white as you would expect from Phidippus regius with a small amount of males being grey/white while growing but they will mature into normal colours.

Phidippus regius (Soroa, Cuba) locale spiders are generally smaller in size, with some exceptions, female coloration can be bright orange or deep brown/orange. Males are as usual black and white, can have more than average white on their legs. This locale (especially males) can live in “Nest” enclosure their whole life but will benefit from larger size setup (“Classic”)

Phidippus regius are the most commonly kept jumping spiders in the hobby and for a good reason as they are one of the biggest jumping spiders and are easy to keep. Please check care info in care sheet part of this website!

All spiders on offer are captive bred spiders and are at least size of fruit fly or larger (L5+)

* You will receive a starter setup (Plastic cup) to ensure every spider gets the best start in life with you. However, you will need to upgrade to a larger setup in couple of months (see Spoodernest enclosures for best housing)

*5mm square – first 5 moults size reference for Phidippus regius


Florida, Soroa,Cuba, Everglades


Unsexed, Male, Female

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