Spoodernest enclosure Modular 2.0


These enclosures can be used for most inverts kept in the hobby, you just need to pick the appropriate size and ventilation.

*For welded enclosures that do not require assembly, see Original Spoodernest design


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First-of-its-kind Modular acrylic enclosure designed and made by Maria @Spoodernest

Small: 8x8x14cm; Small-wide: 14x8x14cm; Cube: 14x14x14cm; Tall-Cube: 14x14x19cm


The most flexible exotic pet acrylic enclosure is finally here. eventually, there will be hundreds of options for you to choose from. Any size/dimensions/colours/ventilation you need will be available.

Enclosures are suitable for a large variety of pets: Tarantulas, mantis, jumping spiders, velvet spiders, smaller species of geckos, inverts, scorpions, and many more.

Acrylic enclosures are not suitable for high humidity/high heat environments, if you see excessive bend in a front door, reduce humidity and acrylic will bounce back. some bending is expected and should not affect the use of the enclosure. acrylic cubes in corners will prevent corners from bending which is usually happening with rubber banded enclosures.

Assembly guide

These enclosures come in 2 parts:

Hardware – special blocks to hold enclosures together in corners (no more rubber bands or warping in the corners while keeping the flexibility of a flat pack setup)

Modular sides – each side of the enclosure can be replaced and adapted for your individual needs.

Below are some examples of new design flexibility, (please be aware, that not all options are available in the shop yet, because it is brand new design I will be releasing new features over time):

Have your spider outgrown starter enclosure? Just replace 4 sides to increase the size of a setup. Hold on to the remaining sides in case you need to downsize in the future or get extra hardware and a few more panels to build a second setup when needed.

Do you have arboreal setup but need terrestrial one? just place enclosure on a side and secure lock in the terrestrial position

Did you keep a spider and now want to get a mantis? Only replace top panel for one with a mesh option, no need to buy whole new setup.

Do you have multiple enclosures on the shelf? These enclosures can be locked together (with extra hardware) to increase sturdiness and give it that sharp look!

Do you like a particular colour scheme? Endless colour variations and combinations will be available shortly!

Do you want the name of your pet engraved on the enclosure? Just order a custom front bottom panel with engraving (will be available shortly)

Do you have a large collection of inverts and happen to have extra enclosure empty and taking up space? This enclosure can be easily dismantled and stored flat pack until you need them again, plus with enough variations of panels, you can always build exactly the size of enclosure you need for that new sling or buy couple extras for just few £.


Weight 300 g
Top panel

Ventilation, No ventilation

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