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When to expect my order?

Orders containing spiders are shipped out Monday to Wednesday on a next-day special service. If you require your order to arrive on a specific day please drop me a message and I will try my best to accommodate that. This is one person small business, please be understanding that I am not always able to ship the next day after order is made altho I try my best to get your orders out as fast as possible!

***in winter time, spiders are ONLY shipped when overnight temperatures are safe! Typically it is over 4°C overnight for stretch of 2-3 nights ahead.

Enclosures and decore are shipped every day of the week, I aim to ship them within 1-3 working days from order. Please allow up to 5 working days for processing.

Delays – on rare occasions, there may be delays in dispatching your order or during transit. The spiders are packed so they are able to spend several days in transit without problems in the event of a delay during transit. You can check the tracking number by logging into your account (if you created one on a checkout) or just drop me a message with the order number and name.

Holidays and days off after show:

Because I am the only person running spoodernest business please keep an eye on store notices for holidays and possible delays or emergencies that can result in shipment delays.

I will always take a day off after Sunday shows (please see list below)


Upcoming days with no shipping:



Upcoming Spider and Reptile shows Spoodernest will be attending:

Spider shows 2023:

Southwestern Invertebrate Show (Taunton) – 26th February
Northern Invertebrate Show (Barnsley) – 26th March
Capital Invertebrate Show (Ruislip/London) – 23rd April
36th BTS Exhibition – The Warwickshire Events Centre – 21st May
Western Invertebrate Show (Bristol) – 30th July
*there will be more shows here… just need to secure table*
IHS Reptile show in Milton Keynes- 18th June – *booking pending*
IHS Reptile showin Milton Keynes – 3th September -*booking pending*

International shipping: Prices are set to the cheapest safe options, only few countries are included in list for now as I had okey experience shipping to them. If your country not included but you want me to try shipping to you, please text me directly. If you are looking for multiple enclosures or decore items to order and know a better price than calculated in the cart, text me 🙂 *No live spiders can be shipped out of UK


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