Modular setup

Modular enclosure manual

*How to assemble:

  1. Check contents
    1. Hardware: x10 cubes, x30 bolts, x1 screwdriver * you will only need to use x8 cubes and x24 bolts, but keep extras as you can use them in the future for stacking enclosures or if you collect enough you can buy only extra panels to make additional enclosure.
    2. Lock (dagger lock)
    3. Panels: x2 side panels, x1 top, z1 bottom, x1 back, x1 front lower, x1 door panel
  2. Remove protective film from both sides of each panel. *Start at a corner for easier removal.
  3. Identify top and bottom panels and screw cube to each corner. *on Cube enclosure back panel and bottom panel can look similar, but if placed over each other you will see the back panel x2 corner holes are offset)
  4. Make sure the bottom panel cubes are placed under the panel (outside of the enclosure), and the top cubes will be also under the panel (inside of the enclosure). This is designed to raise the enclosure “floor” off the surface to allow for better ventilation when stacking.
  5. Attach the rest of the panels in the following order: side panel attached to the top and bottom -> back  -> front lower -> front door -> and finally another side panel

Picture guide:

1. Check all content

2. Remove protective film

3. Attach x4 cube to both top and bottom panels

4. Attach side panel

5. Attach back panel

6. Attach lower front panel

7. Place front door

8. Attach another side panel

9. Insert lock

10. Done!

Special notes:

These enclosures are made using very precise technologies which allows for a perfect fit of all components. No unnecessary gaps to allow for extra tolerance are included in the design which makes enclosures extra robust and prevents any escapees. However, there are small imperfections allowed (no more than 0.5mm). Here is how to deal with it:

Case 1: cubes can in rare cases not perfectly align to the corners of the top and bottom panels. To avoid gaps: check all corners after attaching x8 cubes to the top and bottom panels and rotate the cube if necessary if you see any stick out. (see picture below).

Case 2: When attaching bolts there should not be any resistance. If you feel screwing is not going smoothly check if the hole is alligned with a cube and bolt placed at 90° angle. If it did not help, rotate cube and try again.

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