Spoodernest Original Ultimate Starter Set


Ultimate Jumping spider or Mantis starter set



UK only Ultimate starter set deal includes following:
x1 Classic enclosure
x1 Nest enclosure
x1 cocoon
Substrate, cork bark and fake plants for both enclosures


Perfect enclosures designed specifically for Phidippus jumping spiders, although they can be used for a variety of inverts and even smaller species of geckos, these enclosures are designed with Phidippus spider in mind.

No assembly needed, just take off protective film and you are ready to go!

Enclosure ‘Nest’ (10x10x17cm) enclosure will be perfect for juvie Phidippus regius and some smaller Phidippus variations. Fruit fly proof!

Enclosure ‘Classic’ (15x15x20) enclosure will work great for L6/7 spider to adulthood, provides great ventilation, and is good size.

Perfect enclosure for jumping spiders was created based on 6 years of keeping hundreds of Phidippus sp. Jumping spiders. I have tried many types of enclosures, but none of them were just right. So we set a goal to design the ultimate jumping spider enclosure which will look great and have all the necessary functionality:

  1. Large front door
  2. Two hinge hold on the bottom of the door
  3. Clear throughout for a better view of the spood thanks to Cast PERSPEX®
  4. Enclosure is welded together for added durability
  5. Easy to use door hatch
  6. Great amount of ventilation
  7. Enclosure will be shipped in a ‘ready to go’ assembled way.


‘Nest’ 10x10x17cm

‘Classic’ 15x15x20cm

Designed and made by Spoodernest in the UK


Backorder is open on enclosures to allow you make an order during busier periods when I do not have any enclosures ready to ship but due to many requests I keep option open. Please expect around a week of processing time for backorders. Depending on demand how much overtime I do waiting times can vary. I make all enclosures myself and this has to be done by hand.

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 cm

Clear, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Black, White, Neon red, Neon blue, Neon Yellow, Neon orange

Cocoon colour

Black, Jeans Red, Matte Green, Matte Pink, Matte Pink Light, Matte Teal

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