Reptile Nest

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Jumping spiders are my biggest passion but reptiles have some space in my heart too.
I will post here animals (reptiles, geckos, etc) that are for sale. I am based in the UK, Redditch.

Gargoyle gecko ( Rhacodactylus auriculatus)

Black and Orange Cute Gargoyle gecko known as Rhacodactylus auriculatus New Caledonian bumpy gecko with a pale orange tail and spotty head
I usually have few gargoyle geckos on offer, please text for more info.
Prices range from £65 to £180

Crested gecko ( Correlophus ciliatus)

Brown and Orange striped Crested gecko known as Correlophus ciliatus or eyelash gecko with spotty white and brown tail reptiles geckos sale UK
These are for sale from £50 to £125

Crested Geckos also known as Eyelash Gecko do not have eyelids. Instead, a spectacle, keeps each eye moist, and the geckos use their tongues to clear away debris. This is such a cool process to observe.


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